In spite of very soon 11bhp to contribute with, the conqueror does a good job of by means of that supremacy to give you a bit of a rush. The motorbike does 0-60 in roughly five moment, while departing to the max 101kmph. The top velocity is a bit of a downer but remember the motorbike will mostly be used in the city, where quickening matters more than the top speed. Coupled with a flawless gearbox the occurrence you get is much better than that of its competitors. pointless to say the concert is good without being mind altering.More often that not the Japs don’t dishearten on the mileage front except you compare them with the home grown frugal sipper – Hero.

True to that the Yamaha doesn’t disappoint, giving a neat 50kms to a liter yamaha SZ-S has a gorgeous apparatus comfort with an analogue petroleum measure, tachometer and speedometer and a low down petroleum pointer with some other indicator. Yamaha SZ-S has a distance end to end of 2050mm, width of 750mm and height of 1100mm as its measurement and has a place height of 802mm along with the superior wheelbase of 1320mm and fine floor authorization of 165mm. It has a normal load of 133kgs and engine oil quantity of 1.2L. It has a peak speed of 105 kmph with the tire and stroke of 58mm and 57.9mm correspondingly, solidity ratio of 9.5:1, wet sump lubrication, wet multi protect disk type clutch, C.D.I detonation organization, BS26 carburettor as oil supply, a 12V and 5Ah battery, equilateral type border and the mileage of 50kmpl in the city and 65kmpl on the highway and reach 0-60kmph blotch in just 5.9 seconds.

Yamaha SZ-S is a incredibly contented customer with a great and extensive bench to present exhaustion liberated extensive rides for rider and side-seat, raise switch bar at good quality position with appropriate clench, footrests at correct position and raise analysis mirror. It as well has a disc brake at frontage and a throb brake at rear. The defermentstructure is a telescopic nature at obverse and danglesupport type at rear. It is togetherexciting as well as boot start. Also, it has an A.I. System and a hugecapability muffler with catalyses for cleaner fatigue.  But you always get a feeling that a motorbike that is not ripping the chart with its performance would give a bit more for every drop of energy.

Having said that a petrol tank of 14 litres makes sure that you won’t be visiting the petrol station too often.It is Yamaha so expecting anything less than silk is kind of a letdown, and well the motorbike doesn’t disillusion. The engine is silky; the gearbox is a slick five speed situation, result of which is that the progress is not a bit strenuous. The engine can hum all day long and do 80-90 kph. The clasp is light and the shift unambiguous. No false neutrals to report too. You do wish there was a little more power to play but in the starkness of city commute you end up appreciating the smoothness of the engine and gearbox combine.


  • Reasonable pricing.
  • It has a fuel efficiency.
  • It is stylish look bike


  • Fit and finish could have been better.
  • No pass switch.


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