YAMAHA Ray Z Review

In relations of the original device, the new Ray Z is very comparable to the Ray. Though, the outdoor is more mannish with outside sunspecs that will application to men. Like the elder irregular for females, the Ray Z also derives with a 113 cc only cylinder 4 stroke engine that carries a power of 7.1 PS at 7500 RPM and a twisting that goes up to 8.1 Nm at 5000 RPM. The Ray Z dealings 1835mm x 675mm x 1090mm and has a wheelbase of 1270mm with a minced authorization of 128mm. Balancing fair about 104 kg, this is not a very dense scooter for males.

The Ray Z is living being tout as a mannish description of the novel. optical difference take account of a smoke draw to a close eye shade at the frontage on the handlebar, an outsized metal grasp switch thing at the bring up, important dose of carbon-fiber-type guide on place structure and apparatus gather artificial and, of route, new sticker. Most of the former parts linger the same, like the supremacy and torque statistics. Yamaha has faintly tune the mechanical diffusion for smoother and well again pick-up but this has moreover be carried right the way through the assortment.

Assumed that the original equipment overdue the Ray Z is not also changed after the adult Yamaha Ray scooter, any would accept that there would not be a countless discrepancy in the petroleum effectiveness – at slightest under ordinary exam environments. Though, giving to the concern, the Ray Z can send a petrol competence of 53 kmpl (likened to 62.1 kmpl appealed on the unique Ray). I am really not assured why near is this huge difference but around you go. In any event, the existent world stretch of the creative Ray was first everywhere 46.5 Let us jump with the evaluation of the Ray Z on Max About. Conferring to this website, the ‘strident and belligerent stripes’ on the frame of the Ray Z can notice ably petition to the man spectators. Still, the absenteeism of round hand brakes on the obverse and the price idea are some stuffs that can go beside this scooter.

The website news a petro ling testing number of 40 kmpl on urban roads and 62 kmpl on freeways. Biker suggestions a handsome inclusive assessment of the bike. They note that the Ray Z is a compressed motorbike that sensations great bright. Despite this, the scooter has necessary peg planetary to quarter a giant provision with a passenger seating which is an awfully central principles for a scooter directed at the males. In their trial drive, the assessor was gifted to bang43 kmpl below diverse horsy situations (urban and freeway) which they say is marginally restored than what they might find on the Ray. Most of the current vehicle websites that you would pursue out to while inspection on a motorbike appraisal have simply copied the corporation privilege on the distance.

Given that this is a fresh motorbike in the marketplace, there need not remained too several assessments on Entrance Barred either. Here has stood just one evaluation of the Ray Z and this buyer has valued the scooter 3/5 in positions of FE. Conferring to him, Yamaha could do improved on the pick-up. Though, after riding 300 kilometers and with the first overhaul pending, the scooter offered 41-42 kmpl. This is probable to go up after overhauling.


  • Telescopic front shock absorbers.
  • Easy and comfortable ride.
  • It has a Frugal engine.


  • Slight premium over regular Ray.


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