YAMAHA SS 125 Review

By initiation better-quality motorbikes in universal market, Yamaha has made a good status two wheeler industry. The Yamaha Brand has introduced a number of race motorbikes in the promote in which Yamaha SS 125 is the most recent model of the company. Boasts of high production and speed, this motorbike performs in a self-motivated way. This motorbike is designed for people who love speed. Having well at sport look and wild demand, this motorbike seems to be fully optimistic by the Gladiator model. Seeing the design and outer shell of Yamaha SS 125, one without delay feels that it is designed for style admiring people for whom a motorbike apparent. The curvilinear sleek body of this motorbike mesmerizes all motorbike lovers.

There’s naught on the outside fantastic about the motorbike The Yamaha SS 125 come with 123 cc four stroke, frontward apt, solo cylinder with SOHC valve arrangement. The engine on this motorbike provide as a great deal as 11 horsepower at 7,500 rpm with 10.4 Nm of torque at 6,500 rpm. The engine as well comes with a Yamaha Throttle Position Sensor (YTPS) that deliver amazing reputation quickening. On top of that, the motorbike is complement with a frontage telescopic division and back dangle arm deferment structure, allow you to get more out of your 13.6 liters of greatest petroleum tank. To make certain greater solidity on toll road, the appliance exercise instruction a superior wheelbase of 1295mm.  ride the flourish of sports biking and adding up added punch to its collection, India Yamaha Motor Pvt. Ltd has introduce SS 125 filled with the recompense of 4-stroke, 125 cc, 11 PS, 5-speed motorbike; the trendy and active SS125 is a exclusive mixture of sports biking and fashion.

Yamaha’s race-bred knowledge enhance the handiness in ride, sprightly corner and accurate brake like no other motorbike can. Added to this, the SS125 has been considered for significant and generally upgrading in management routine, generally athletic propose and produce steadfastness with supplementary facial appearance and compensation of realistic functionality of commute motorbikes, such as petroleum economy and charge efficiency. SS125 showcase standard of 125cc style, alteration and a free-revving 11 bhp locomotive with Yamaha Throttle Position Sensor (YTPS) that deliver surprising reputation speeding up. 5 speed gearboxes allow the stipulation to craft the most of a wide power band to understanding admirable production in both around-town and high-speed riding. With the sleek racy under-cowl, SS125 is ergonomically considered..

The energy tank of this motorbike is having 14 L aptitude with 1.9 L keep back petrol aptitude. The mileage offered by this motorbike is 68 kmpl and 950 km range for petrol proficiency. This motorbike runs on an convoluted and powerful engine type. The air chilled engine of this motorbike is of 125 cc that gives a great persuade to this motorbike. The engine combines only cylinder and churns out 10.7 bhp utmost control at 7500 rpm and 10.4 Nm greatest torques at the speed of 6500 rpm. The engine has 123 cc displacements. The cylinder of this engine has 2 valves and sports carburetor system for petrol delivery.

The engine runs on petrol and has CDI explosion type. The cylinder has 1 spark plug and air cooled system for engine cooling. The weary size is 54 mm and blow size is also 54 mm. athletic Tachometer, lower front cowl, insubstantial Aluminum wheels and motorized front Disc brake gives it a energetic yet complicated character The internal stipulations are also incredible which make this motorbike a powerful model of the time. This Yamaha motorbike facial manifestation quality mileage


  • It has very smooth engine.
  • Styling is very much impressive
  • Powerful braking


  • Resale value proposition is less.
  • Minimum availability of spares and components.


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