YAMAHA FZ16 Review

A Yamaha, well-developed lanewrestler looks and the fattest bring up tyre this side of cruisers.If you want to position out in the massive amount of 150cc posers and do it cheerfully, FZ16 should be your choice. The Yamaha FZ16 was launch with the tagline of noble of the lane and is claim to be the premium motorbike amid the FZ string motorbikes in India due to its individual look and routine. At the mind of this Yamaha FZ16, you’ll find a 153cc air chilled, 4-stroke, SOHC, only cylinder, 2-valve, power plant that give a greatest authority of 14 horsepower at 7,500 rpm and churn out 14 Nm of peak torque at 6,000 rpm.

The locomotive continue with the utilize of a five-speed gearbox. though, it has barely exciting start choice beside with CDI explosion. The Yamaha FZ 16 is then complement with raisemotocrossdeferment, a 1335mm of wheelbase, and frontage hydraulic only disc brakes. As far as the engine set-up is disturbed, the Yamaha FZ16 comes with a exposed body type complement with a elegantpetroleumcontainer with 12 liters of petroleumcapability, a individualpretense, sharp extremity view, and a mid-ship silencer. It as well has a multi-reflector headlamp, large size radial tires, and a full digital LCD implementboard.  The 16 is a misnomer despite the fact that, it is a 150 cc engine and there is better report of this model accessible.

Also a bit exclusive than others in this kind. From Unicorn to Pulsar 150, there are satisfactory amount options. Approximately every firm has a 150cc option in its stable, so don’t forget to check them out. Expect to reach on the outskirts of the city with each litre of petrol, behavior in mind you can get in the prefecture of 45-48 km per litre. Which is not the best of the cluster in this kind, but isn’t too bad either. Taken as a entire the mileage could have been more but what you lose in the mileage you get back in the styling subdivision, with curiosity. If there are three alteration forks on the tank, rest be in no doubt the engine is obtainable to be cooking oil in a hotmixer. It is a two valve per cylinder collection but is smooth and sweet revving.

The dissemination is a 5 speed affair, which is a bit of a let-down as six speed motorbikes exist in 150 cc grouping. If you can live with that, it is a motorbike where the diffusion and engine works impeccably and all the supremacy on tap is easy to make the most of. The 150 cc enginesassemblein the region of 13 horse and eight ponies. While the horse capacity not be all thoroughbreds as in the case FZ16’s low-grade cousin R15, they are no donkey’s either. The put together works without a flaw. The motorbike is not heavy weight so the power is about enough to be enjoyed in the city. Grip is higher from the substantial rear tyre. supervision is also good roughly the curves but don’t expect R15 level leans. Overall a nice supervision and courteouslycompellingmotorbike for city use and abuse. Longer runs competence a quandary with diminutivecontainer and windblast due to the lack of windscreen.


  • Built in Quality.
  • High level performance.
  • Awesome stylish bike.


  • Fuel efficiency is not good.
  • Pricing is high.


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