Yamaha FZ1 is one midst the stripped super-bike accessible in the Indian market. The bike come with an antagonistic looks and also ensure a excellent road recital. The key geographies of this power tourer embrace the 998cc, 20-valve condensed appliance collective with regulating interruption and shaped horsy place. The motorbike is presently offered in two shade mixtures in India and they include white and black. With all power-packed routine, the bike will right contest with the Kawasaki Z1000 and the Victory Hustle Treble. The scrambler sports moulded outside and a relaxed handlebar spot.

The Yamaha FZ1 is proficient to distribute a extent of everywhere 15 kmpl on the freeways or long expeditions. However, on city roads the energy effectiveness is a petite fewer than what it is on the arteries. Again, since the scrambler type, it will frequently be charity on the highways. Approaching to the contraption concert, the Yamaha FZ1 is prepared with a compacted project, DOHC 20-valve 998cc engine which carries a enormous top-end authority. The apparatus is united with petroleum vaccination arrangement other with processer precise sub-throttle stopcocks. It is burdened with a closed-deck pipe slab with 77mm bigmouths.

The supremacy has narrow-angle five-valve burning spaces that are proficient to produce an effectual solidity fraction of 11.5:1.The other machine conditions embrace the carburized involving shafts with fissure divided, great silicon-content ceramic-composite chamber and the Four-into two-into one short-style deplete organization with Deplete Definitive Control faucet. The DOHC contraption can engender a colossal authority yield of 148 bhp at 11000 rpm and a extreme turning of 106 Nm at 8000 rpm. The machine is coupled with a six-speed handbook gear box with one tackle miserable and five things up gear-shift configuration.. Sculpted body work and a comfortable handlebar position for great looks and rider comfort. Fully changeable 43mm wrong side up fork and a single shock with adjustable preload and recover damp.

Tunable for sport on the road or urban mugging. Fuel injection with computer-controlled sub-throttle valves provides precise fuel/air concoction for fabulous power deliverance transversely the entire assortment. Closed-deck cylinder block provides great strong point whereas allowing a narrow steam engine in spite of big, 77mm bores, and the narrow-angle five-valve combustion chambers produce a highly efficient 11.5:1 compression ratio. Carburized concerning rods with breakage come apart big locks of hair bring into being a quick-revving engine with excellent high-level rpm durability. The high silicon content are ceramic composite cylinder with lining reduce rasping and maximizes temperature indulgence for unfailing power delivery.

The Yamaha scrambler is crammed with 4.8-gallon petroleum container that confirms luxury head long horsy situation. Its appliance is completed of cast aluminum border for light bulk, optimum firmness, and wonderful conduct. Imminent to the interruption organization, the bike habits a entirely modifiable 43mm reversed split and a solo shudder with adaptable preload and reflection curbing. It also added with cosines geographies such as changeable re present edge and separable traveler bottom fasteners. At the anterior, the scrambler is merged with 320mm front rounds embraced by mono block four-piston calipers, while at the back it uses a single 245mm rear round for durable ending command.

The bike geographies a high-tech gadget demonstration that embraces numeral gauge, analog tachometer, liquid temperature and odometer. It structures ribbons for unallied, low petroleum, great grin, and shot indicators. It similarly structures twin voyage meter with miles on reserve function. The bike has been equipped with 2piece seat serves for great luxury comfortable riding. Other features in this motorcycle revenue in grab rails, sturdy O-ring-sealed ambition manacle, dual 12V 60/55 watt multi-reflector headlight and average toolkit. The FZ1 is filled with 17 inch 5-spoke alloy wheels as fine


  • Comfortable for riding.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Built in Quality.
  • High level performance.


  • Pricing is too high.


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